Designer Tops Online - Unique Boutique Fashion

At Bue Boutique, we look to provide the very best in chic, elegant designer clothing, mainly from non-commercial labels and sourced both locally and from around the world. Our relatively small but eclectic collection of ladiesí tops is made up of various brands, including one of our favourite local designers Lui Hon. Choose from long flowing designer tops, long sleeved/short sleeved pieces and gorgeous blouses ranging in length.

Fashion is about mixing and matching different pieces of clothing to discover your own look, and thatís what we want to help you do here at Bue Boutique. Every one of our items is hand-picked specifically for our online store because it complements the rest of the clothing. This means you can shop with confidence and easily find pieces that match according to colour, style and dressiness.

Our designer tops suit young and old women alike. Plus, youíre sure to find something that goes with your brand new top Ė whether itís a jacket, skirt, handbag or pants. So make sure you take a look at our other items Ė who knows, you might end up discovering your favourite new outfit!